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Spencer Beach Park Big Island Camping Permits


Sandy beach

Gate closes at 9pm and reopens at 6am

Security Guards on duty from 7pm to 4am daily


Entry road off Highway 19, approximately 2 miles from  Kawaihae junction

Special Conditions

Gate closes at 9pm and reopens at 6am



No hazards.


icons/prohibited/no-animals.gif No Animals/Pets

icons/prohibited/no-alcohol.gif No Alcoholic Beverages

icons/prohibited/no-openfires.gif No Open Fires

icons/prohibited/no-littering.gif No Littering/Dumping

icons/prohibited/no-smoking.gif No Smoking

icons/prohibited/no-plantsanddirtrockremoval.gif No Removal of Sand/Rocks/Plants

icons/prohibited/no-commercial.gif No Commercial Activities


icons/activities/icon-beachgoing.gif Beachgoing

icons/activities/icon-camping.gif Camping

icons/activities/icon-fishing.gif Fishing

icons/activities/icon-snorkeling.gif Snorkeling

icons/activities/icon-swimming.gif Swimming


icons/amenities/icon-bathroom.gif Restrooms icons/amenities/icon-shower.gif Outdoor showers (beach area)
icons/amenities/icon-camping.gif Camping area icons/amenities/icon-picnic.gif Picnic tables
icons/amenities/icon-trash.gif Trash cans icons/amenities/icon-water.gif Drinking water
icons/amenities/icon-lifeguard.gif Lifeguard icons/amenities/icon-pavilion.gif Pavilion
icons/amenities/icon-security-night.gif Night Security Guard icons/amenities/icon-gates-locked.gif Gates locked when park closes
icons/amenities/icon-lifeguards-weekends.gif Lifeguards on Weekends/Holidays


icons/facilities/icon-ada.gif ADA Accessible

No sites.

Refund Policy

Individuals can request for a refund online within "My Reservations" as long as it is at least 15 days prior to the camping reservation date.  Upon approval, the refunded amount will be issued directly to the purchasing credit card if the request was submitted within 40 days from the initial purchase date.  Otherwise, a paper check will be mailed to you within 6-8 weeks. Refund requests less than 15 days must be made in writing and attached to the applicant's permit copy and submitted to the Department of Parks & Recreation office within one working day prior to the camping reservation date.  The refund must be a minimum of $5.00. All refunds will be less the online service provider's processing fees.


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No sites.